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Choqok 1.6 Beta 1

I’m happy to announce that we will release Choqok 1.6 next month! (mid July)

This will be the first release after the KDE frameworks port and many things have been fixed in those 16 months, including:

  • Twitter: fix user lists loading (BUG:345641)
  • Twitter: allow to select any follower when sending a direct message
  • Twitter: fix searches by username
  • Twitter: fix searches by hashtag
  • Twitter: show original retweet time (BUG:343438)
  • Twitter: fix external URL to access direct messages and tweets
  • Twitter: send direct message without text limits
  • Twitter: support to send and view tweets with quoted text
  • Twitter: allow to delete direct messages
  • Twitter: always show ‘Mark as read’ button
  • GNU Social: fix medium attachment to post
  • GNU Social: allow to send direct messages
  • Pump.IO: do not show resend button for own posts
  • Pump.IO: display avatar image in own posts on the right
  • Pump.IO: do not create a post if there’s no text
  • Fix removal of accounts with spaces in their name
  • Add scalable versions of Choqok icon
  • Check the result of external URL opening to report any failure (BUG:347525)
  • Fixed a bug that overwrite an account with the same alias if you use the same alias
  • Do not allow to send quick posts with no text
  • Always use HTTPS when available
  • ImageView: dropped Twitpic and Tweetphoto support (service are dead)
  • A couple of segmentation fault fixed

Oh, we also added official support for Friendica!

But there’s still a lot to do!

Please join the KDE translation team and help us with translations or try this 1.6 beta and report any bug or, still, join the development team and fix the open bugs.

Together we can make the next release a new starting point for Choqok!

Tags: linux, choqok, kde

By Andrea Scarpino on 2016-06-17