I'm Andrea Scarpino, a 36-year-old man from Salento, in southern Italy, but living in the Lagorai, in the Eastern Apls.

I'm a fast learner and quick problem solver working as Platform Engineer. Truly passionate about my work, I love hard challenges and I follow the KISS principle.

I'm a hacker as by the hacker culture's definition. In short, I'm the person in the room that people go to for help.

Petty interested and involved in Free and Open Source Software development since ever: I contribute whenever possible to the projects I use and I've been member of the Arch Linux developers team and KDE e.V.


    Ansible:		++++-
    AWS:			+++--
    Go:				+++--
    Python:			+++--
    Ruby:			++---
    Rust:			++---
    Shell Scripts:	++++-
    Terraform:		++++-

My curriculum vitæ is available in English and Italian.

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