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I'm Andrea Scarpino, a -year-old man from Martano, a village in southern Italy, but living in Trento.

I'm a hands-on, competent software developer, GNU/Linux system administrator and I'm also involved in Open Source projects. I've an excellent knowledge of shell scripting, but I'm confident enough I can speak any language as I wrote Web services, desktop and mobile applications using several technologies.

I love hard challenges and I strongly believe there are no barriers in software development; my motto is «Everything you can explain, I can implement».

I’m very passionate and I rigidly follow code guidelines and standards.

As I said, I'm pretty interested and involved in Free and Open Source Software development: I contribute whenever possible to the Open Source projects I use and I've been member of the Arch Linux developers team for 7 years. I'm also a member of KDE e.V.


Shell Scripts

My curriculum vitæ is available in English and Italian.

FLOSS works

Some of the projects I still maintain:

  • transmission-readynasduo - Transmission add-on for ReadyNAS Duo/NV+ (sparc)
  • GoDropIt - A Go command-line client for DropIt Nextcloud app.
  • arch-audit - A Rust utility like pkg-audit for Arch Linux.
  • FeedToot - Ruby Mastodon toots RSS feed generator.
  • itlinux-win-keyboard - An Italian keyboard layout for Windows, customized with shortcuts from Linux systems.
  • base16-builder-rust - A Rust implementation of base16 builder.
  • Choqok - Twitter,, GNU Social, Friendica and Mastodon support for Choqok, a microblog client written in Qt.

All my projects' source code is available on GitLab (also mirrored on GitHub).

You can also take a look to my Open HUB profile that lists some of the patches (build fixes, bug fixes or even new features) I sent to many open source projects.

(Italian) talks