Choqok and KDE Frameworks

Hi there,

Good news for the Choqok users out there: we are now using KDE Frameworks technology!

In fact, I spent the last month porting Choqok bits from Qt 4 to Qt 5, but I also fixed minor bugs you discover when doing this kind of work. Regressions could happen, so please report them and we’ll fix them!

To try this version you just need to install qca-qt5 and qoauth-qt5, build our code from git and you have done. Check the README for more info about the steps on how to build it.

…and from now on I’ll focus on fixing bugs \o/

I’m also interested in improving and GNU Social support because I’m a supporter and advocate of the Free Software, but I also believe in the FreeYourData movement and decentralized social networks are the way to go.

Before someone ask, I’m also a Diaspora* supporter, but Choqok cannot support it until they get some API.

Choqok using KDE Frameworks

Tags: linux, choqok, kde

By Andrea Scarpino on 2015-04-08

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