Then I moved again

At the end of this month, my old domain will be removed after one year only.

I’m honest: the first reason was the renew cost, which isn’t much expensive, but it made me think about the necessity of this domain. Do I really need my personal domain? Since I’m writing this post on a blogger platform, it wasn’t necessary.

Sure, your personal domain sounds quite professional, but I don’t need to publicize anything ATM, I don’t represent a society (not yet ;) I only need a place to share some information about my life, Arch Linux or any project in general; a platform like or is enough. I did choice the latter to test something new, I already used Wordpress for 4 years or so.

Sometime I need to share files too. Where I can put my files now? Dropbox or ownCloud? I don’t like to use closed stuff and ownCloud works well on my old desktop pc :)

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By Andrea Scarpino on 2011-04-22

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