The new KDE Bluetooth stack

Hi arKers,

How are you? About 4 months from my last post…

University, work and summer give you no more time to relax and write something on your personal blog.

OK, come to the point: yesterday I read a bad bad news on the net: KBluetooth is dead - Oh s**t!

But reading that post I also read a word: BlueDevil. Uhm…WTF BlueDevil is? I waited 8/10 hours as afiestas said there and in fact he wrote something about BlueDevil.

It’s a set of components to manage your bluetooth adapter in KDE. There is a KCM module that allows you to enable/disable it, set trusted devices, the adapter name and more. Also is integrated with KIO so you can explore your device from dolphin. Again, a wizard allows you to pair your devices, send files to them and use the audio stuff.

I installed it and I am really impressed. Say “Goodbye” (and thanks) to kbluetooth and install BlueDevil from AUR.

PS. Hello Planet KDE! :)

Tags: arch linux, kde

By Andrea Scarpino on 2010-06-28

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