Tenth anniversary of Arch, my five years

Today Arch celebrate its 10th birthday. Allan had a very nice idea writing something about his years as archer; Pierre already did the same, and I’m going to write something about my years in this great distro.

I can’t forget the first time I heard about Arch Linux in a conversation with Antonio. I wasn’t fully satisfied by Slackware at that time, and Antonio said me to try Arch. So, I back to home to download the Arch Linux Gimmik iso; I try to install it, but I fail. Some month later the Voodoo iso was released; I try to install Arch again, but this time I success.

My adventure begins.

2007-10-05 I registered my account in the Arch Linux Italia Forum
2007-10-06 I registered my account in the Arch Linux Forum
2007-11-10 First package submitted to AUR
2007-12-20 I help many Italian archers, so I’m promoted to Moderator in the Arch Linux Italia Forum
2008-02-28 I send my application as TU; JJDaNiMoTh sponsored my application
2008-03-11 My application is accepted (21 Yes, 0 Abstain, 0 No). I join the TU team, so I move some package to [community] and I adopt some useful tools for the WMs. Then Openbox, Pidgin and others stuff
2008-03-28 First bug closed FS#9926
2008-04-05 My first valid bug report FS#10125
2008-07-08 My first AUR patch is accepted
2008-12-17 Pierre needs a co-maintainer for KDE, I send my candidature
2009-01-09 My candidature is accepted and I became an Arch Linux DEV! I maintain KDE, then MySQL, and my old packages in [community]
2009-01-26 KDE 4.2.0 is out; is the first time I officially build KDE for Arch Linux
2009-11-19 I broke our MySQL installations
2009-11-24 I take the srcpac project
2010-02-10 Pierre leaves the KDE maintainer ship
2010-02-22 I took over maintainer ship of our Arch Linux Planet
2010-10-19 I’m promoted to administrator in Arch Linux Italia
2011-02-07 I resign as TU
2011-03-29 My first patch for pacman

Probably I’m missing something here because I made this list very quickly, but I guess these are the relevant goals.

Five beautiful years in which I learned a lot of new things and I’ve to thank you the whole Arch community.

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By Andrea Scarpino on 2012-03-11

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