SVN tunneling through an HTTP proxy

I don’t know in your university, but in mine I still cannot use version control systems cause we have an HTTP proxy and only HTTP/HTTPS traffic is allowed.

I want my system to be ever up-to-date and sometime this means to use development software. Today, for example, I wanted to build KDE from SVN.

Usually I set http-proxy-host< and http-proxy-port into ~/.subversion/server and that’s enough, but today with this method I got a nice “Permission denied”.

The alternative method is to setup an SVN tunneling through the proxy.

First, you need perl-libwww from [extra] repository and perl-net-proxy from AUR.

Then, open a terminal and launch: $ connect-tunnel -P proxyhost:proxyport -T 10234:svnhost:svnport.

Now, keep connect-tunnel running and checkout SVN in this way: $ svn co svn://localhost:10234/svntrunk.

All should works. Good luck!

Tags: howto, linux

By Andrea Scarpino on 2009-11-17

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