srcpac is alive :)

After one year from the last release and 7 years from the first release, srcpac 0.8 is out.

I taken the unmaintained project one year ago. I fixed some bug, removed the query operation and added a not really useful --edit option; well, seems that at that time I didn’t get the goal of srcpac. Until yesterday.

Yesterday I read on Arch Linux Italia Forum a post by a guy which made a script to build the packages from ABS. I thought that it’s a pity that people have to create your own scripts when we have an official tool that does the job.

I know, we have a lot of tools that allow you to build packages from ABS, but they allow to build packages from AUR too and such kind of tools will never join into official repositories.

Therefore I worked on srcpac yesterday to release a working version; here the changes:

The full ChangeLog is available here.

Please report bugs or your wishes to under the project Pacman. Thanks.

Tags: arch linux, projects

By Andrea Scarpino on 2010-12-17

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