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srcpac 0.10.8

Another 6 months have passed since the last srcpac release, and I’m again here to announce you the new srcpac 0.10.8!

This release improves the performances (the latter was very slow due to the many checks) and add the support to build dependencies and makedependencies of your targets. Also, two new options for the query and remove operations have been added and I rewrote the logic behind the split packages.

This release also add gettext support so translations are welcome! (There are very few lines to translate though).

Much more must be done; I hope you can help testing this release and proposing new features using our bug tracker.

0.10.8 ChangeLog

  • Support to build targets’ {make,}dependencies (FS#22253)
  • The build of a splitted package use the makepkg –pkg option
  • Removed duplicated code
  • Rewritten build_package method
  • Removed double candidates check
  • Removed installed version check
  • Add support to ignore packages when updating
  • Minor bugs and cosmetic changes
  • Use find to improve performances
  • Proper way to get the pacman CacheDir
  • When PKGDEST is set makepkg force option is needed (FS#23859)
  • Add options -Rb and -Ro to remove package patchfile and configuration file (FS#23860)
  • Show patchfile information in -Qi (FS#23860)
  • Does not display the warning message when a package is not installed
  • Create the srcpac patchfile only after the package installation
  • Add -Qb option to display all packages built
  • Add Italian translation
  • Add translations support with gettext

Stay tuned!

Tags: arch linux, projects

By Andrea Scarpino on 2011-10-10