srcpac 0.10(.1)

I’m pleased to announce srcpac 0.10(.1)!

This new release add the support for split packages, that was really needed, and it does in a nice way (I got the inspiration from pacman 3.5 groups). Here some screenshot:

Installation of a split package: Installation of a split package

…and after the build you’ll get: Build output

I’ve to say that in this version srcpac loose 2-5 sec to get the PKGBUILD of a package passed as parameter. This because it sources every PKGBUILD in /var/abs/ to get the pkgbase. I don’t know other ways to implement this (suggestions are welcome).

Please report any bug or feature request to flyspray.


Tags: arch linux, projects

By Andrea Scarpino on 2010-03-31

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