Sleepy, an Useful Amarok Script

OK, I am strange I know. I like to go to sleep listening to music, but I like to stop the music after a while too.

Because of this I run sleep 20m; amarok -s; exit before get up from my seat.

Today I was looking for new apps on when I looked at sleepy.

What’s sleepy? Is an Amarok 2.x script, like the old Nightingale that was works with Amarok 1.x.

This script allows you to shutdown/hibernate/suspend the PC after the N song or after N minutes. I love this!

I don’t know why but this script didn’t allow to stop Amarok without shutdown or suspend the PC. I did a patch that add this feature. Obviously, you can find the PKGBUILD on AUR ;)

EDIT: The author released 0.7.1 which include my patch.


Tags: arch linux, kde

By Andrea Scarpino on 2009-10-21

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