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Repoman is back

Do you remember Repoman?

Well…I was more busy in the last months: university, Arch Linux and real life take me more time.

Finally this night I worked on it, so I fixed many bugs:

  • fixed the annoying bug #3;
  • devel packages (svn, cvs, git, …) now build correctly;
  • keep option now checks for PKGBUILD in the package dir. This give more sense to this option;
  • repoman is more verbose now: it always says what it are doing;
  • fixed getopts options;
  • after built packages repoman asks to clean the pkgs directory; it will keep PKGBUILD, .install and others files needed;
  • fixed others minor bugs.

  • All these changes are available from the release 166.


Tags: arch linux, projects

By Andrea Scarpino on 2009-03-04