Pump.IO support in Choqok

Since 12th July 2013, switched to Pump.IO, a decentralized social network by Evan Prodromou, that offers more features and is technically more advanced.

Choqok did not support after the switch because none did step up to implement the new APIs. So, the news is that since a week I’m working to Pump.IO support in Choqok!

It’s the first time I play with OAuth authentication and REST APIs in C++; in this week I implemented:

While those features are still missing:

What else you need? Suggestions are welcome!

I talked with Mehrdad and this plugin could be already part of the next Choqok release! ;-) Until that, the code is available here.

Usual screenshot which say more than thousands words: Choqok with Pump.IO support

If you are member of the #pumpiverse try it and let me know of any issue replying to this bug report.


Tags: kde, choqok

By Andrea Scarpino on 2013-12-15

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