MySQL, I did the crap!

Hi all,

OK, I confirm, I was jealous about Allan: after the “he broke it!” because now everyone know him. I wanted to be more popular, and maybe with my last crap I did :-P

I changed the configuration, pid and sock file path in MySQL; I was pretty sure that change didn’t broke anything except php, but…I failed.

Yesterday I lost the whole day trying to fix this and in the night I found the solution: the problem was MySQL set sock file path to /tmp/mysql.sock< by default and I need to set the option to the configure.

Don’t ask me why, but I thought that move sock file in a new location was a minor change and setting the new path into my.cnf was enough.

mysql 5.1.41-2 is already in [extra] and will fix everything (Qt applications, mysql-python, etc…).

At least, with this “little story”, I’ll remember to put every package in [testing] first!

Please update as soon as possible :)

Tags: arch linux

By Andrea Scarpino on 2009-11-19

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