Linux survival

Yesterday I moved to my shore house. Yesterday I bricked the Arch Linux installation on my laptop.

Obviously this never happen when you’re at home (otherwise where’s the funny, right?). I don’t have a wifi connection here (well, not at that time). So, looking for a “nice” wifi network around here, I installed this crappy kernel module.

After 5 minutes I was playing with the aircrack-ng stuff the kernel brutally segfaults. I did reboot and …bam! I got a lot of /dev/X not found messages and the systemd emergency shell (which didn’t work).

To make clear how the situation was:

But we are geek, and geeks always keep an arch iso on their android phone. Don’t we? Really, I downloaded the new arch iso some day ago and it still was on my microSD. …and yes, the microSD adapter was plugged in my laptop :)

So, thanks to the Android Terminal Emulator I dd’ed the arch iso in the microSD, I booted from that and I re-installed the kernel linux.

My Arch is still here :)

Tags: linux

By Andrea Scarpino on 2012-08-03

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