KF5 Official Packages for Arch

Hi everybody,

This morning I uploaded last KDE Framework 5 packages to the [extra] repository in Arch Linux.

Since Beta 2, KF5 packages are co-installable with KDE 4 and for this reason those packages are built with the /usr prefix, not /opt/kf5 as previously on AUR.

The only exception here was kactivities: both versions (the KDE 4 version and the KDE Framework one) ship a kactivitymanagerd binary.

Thanks to Ivan Čukić tip both kactivities packages have been split between binary and libraries. In fact, Ivan told me KDE 4 needs kactivities 4.x libraries, but it works with kactivitymanagerd ship by kactivities from KDE Frameworks.

For this reason kactivities4 and kactivities-framework Arch Linux packages provide a kactivities virtual package which allows KDE 4 users to install KDE Framework 5 on the same system under /usr.

The packages are part of two groups to simplify installation: kf5 and kf5-aids (PortingAids).

Plasma Next packages will (hopefully!) follow in the next days, but they will go in [kde-unstable] instead. Also, their prefix will be /opt/kf5 so they are co-installable.

Happy pacman -S kf5 kf5-aids and enjoy KDE Frameworks libraries!

PS: KWin 5 is already in [kde-unstable]!

UPDATE: I’ve been asked several times now, so here are the instructions on how to run Plasma Next components, e.g. KWin 5:

# pacman -S kwin oxygen $ export KF5=/opt/kf5 $ export QML2_IMPORT_PATH=$KF5/lib/qt/qml:/usr/lib/qt/qml $ export QT_PLUGIN_PATH=$KF5/lib/qt/plugins:/usr/lib/qt/plugins $ export XDG_CONFIG_DIRS=$KF5/etc/xdg:/etc/xdg $ export PATH=$KF5/bin:$PATH $ kwin --replace

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By Andrea Scarpino on 2014-05-17

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