KDE Frameworks packages on Arch Linux

Hi all,

this is my attempt to make KDE Frameworks [h]a[r]ckers lives easier.

My idea was to setup [kde-unstable] repository to provide binary packages for the architectures we support (both i686 and x86_64).

I did that for the x86_64 architecture, but KF5 development is too fast (which is great!) and after some hour or day packages were already old. I had no time to build them, sign them, put new ones, remove old ones…; managing a repository is a luxury I cannot afford anymore.

Luckily we have AUR.

In fact I pushed KF5 packages on AUR:

The list is sorted by build order, so to get KF5 on your Arch Linux system you just need to type: $ for pkg in $(cat list); do cower -d $pkg; cd $pkg; makepkg -s || break; sudo pacman -U $pkg*.pkg.tar.xz --noconfirm; cd ..; done.

Then take a break and after some time (on my slow system, 1.3Ghz dual core, it takes almost 1 hour) you will get your KF5 environment.

You can even put that in a cron job to build packages on every morning…

I promise you packages will not fail to build ;-P

Kate, plasma-nm, kde-runtime, etc…packages are coming just let my system finish to build kde-workspace!

So, packages are on AUR now; someone could step up and provide a KF5 repository ;-)

Tags: arch linux, linux, kde

By Andrea Scarpino on 2014-01-04

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