Firefox KDE Wallet for KF5

Hi there,

I have a good news for Firefox and Plasma 5 users: I ported KDE Wallet password integration extension to KDE Frameworks 5!

It seems to me that this plugin is unmaintained because both the released version and the SVN one do not support Firefox 33 or newer. So, as first step I took Guillermo’s code and bumped the Firefox version.

After that I did work on the KF5 version: I updated the CMakeLists file, replaced some kDebug() usage and fixed the QString initializations. The plugin built at first shot!

And then the first issue.

There’s a C test file which failed to find the exported symbols from the C++ library, therefore the extension would not work in Firefox. Turns out Q_DECL_EXPORT macro was needed. I guess with Qt 5 you need to explicitly define which symbols to export?

Rebuilt, the plugin runs and… segfaults. After some debugging it turns out KWallet::openWallet() invokes KWindowSystem that needs a QCoreApplication instance otherwise it segfaults.

Fixed that one, I rebuilt the plugin and… it works!

The code is here, and here you can download an XPI for x86_64. Try it!

In the meantime, I’m going to clean it a bit.

Tags: kde, linux

By Andrea Scarpino on 2015-01-10

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