Dead, but on the third day, resurrected!

It’s true…It’s live!

Yes men, Repoman is risen from the dead.

Due to my engagements Repoman development stopped one year ago. Also [deelab] repository was dead and I didn’t need a tool to manage any repository.

But some days ago I joined into the unarch team, [unarch] is a new repository maintained by few Italian people. So, I need a tool to build and upload packages without fool around.

I completely rewrote Repoman. I made it more simple to use, syntax is similar to pacman/makepkg. For example, to add a package you must type $ repoman -S foo meantime if you want to add a package without extract source files (using existing src/ dir) you must type $ repoman -Se foo.

Another news is -l, ‘L’ for log: makepkg will log everything.

Latest thing, finally all packages are uploaded together using the same lftp session and old packages are removed after the upload of newer packages.

This Repoman looks better too, useful messages and less colors.

Give it a second chance, and let me know what do you think of it ;)

Package on AUR.

Tags: arch linux, projects

By Andrea Scarpino on 2010-03-14

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